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Saturday, September 5, 2020


Luxury Builder Secret Exposed!

There has been a hidden secret from the public for well over a decade and I am going to expose it. I am not sure if the reasons are greed, ignorance, or expedience for what I am about to explain. My hopes are that the reason is ignorance. Below is a typical example of what I am about to reveal.

builder supplied outdated cheap double bowl sink

Some time ago, likely 10 years ago or more, many granite fabricators were approached by the Chinese with a proposition. They were told they could purchase double bowl stainless sinks for pennies on the dollar and offer them free to builders because they were so cheap. How cheap, you ask? Well... about $50 each. That small amount can easily be absorbed by the granite fabricator when offering a bid for a job containing a free sink! The builders were thrilled because they could offer their clients a free kitchen sink with their new home. The granite fabricators were thrilled because it helped them become more successful. The new homeowner, on the other hand, discovered these sinks were horrible, both in quality and in function. Double bowl sinks make no sense at all in a 21st-century kitchen. They have been replaced by single bowl workstation sinks. So, what have we seen transpire over the past 10 years with these homeowners? They call us, and likely others, to replace their ridiculous double bowl sinks with single bowl workstation sinks at a great cost. The countertop must be cut, a plumber is required and I can tell you these homeowners feel they have been taken advantage of by their builders and are furious.

Rachiele workstation stainless sink

Builders... double bowl sinks are obsolete! They have no place in new homes. At least consider a single bowl sink, at best consider a single bowl workstation sink. If you are wondering why you do not get as many referrals as you might expect, this is the reason! The kitchen is the heart of most homes and the sink is the heart of the kitchen. Stop putting obsolete, cheap sinks in your luxury homes.

You might think this commentary is self-serving. Honestly, I may benefit slightly from this epistle. My reason for writing this is my concern for the general public. They deserve better from you. Your homes are gorgeous, details are impeccable, however, you are missing the most important detail - the kitchen sink and faucet!

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